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Charming Mid-century Modern Apartment

Juffair, Bahrain


Project Type


Service Type

3D project


1BR Apartment
60 SQM



Design Concept: The goal was to blend Mid-century modern interior elements with "less is more" approach, without compromising storage requirement, achieving harmonious blend of functionality, simplicity, and luxury.
The main focus was on creating a living space that maximizes both style and efficiency. This was achieved by introducing furniture designed to optimize space and enhance storage options. The approach involved limiting the number of furniture pieces and carefully selecting their sizes to maintain an open and uncluttered atmosphere.
The kitchen was refurbished with lighter wood, featuring a unique backsplash that adds a touch of individuality.
In the bathrooms, we optimized storage solutions to make the most of every centimeter, ensuring daily essentials are organized and easily accessible. A storage bed maximizes space, and an optimized wardrobe caters to all the storage needs.

Bespoke Furniture: Masterkrafts, Al Maraya Decor, Akhshab Custom Woodcraft
Furniture and Decor: WestElm, Mobilia Uno, Ahmed Sharif Furniture
Lights: Al Basem Lighting

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