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Studio Apartment

Juffair, Bahrain


Project Type


Service Type

3D project


Studio Apartment
30 SQM



Design Concept: When working on studio rental apartment, it's crucial to prioritize effective storage solutions while maintaining a clutter-free environment, ensuring a more enjoyable and extended stay.
This modern and elegant studio apartment features a neutral color scheme with subtle blue accents. The bed offers storage, as does the L-shaped sofa, which can also be converted into a bed. The well-utilized kitchen is fully equipped, while the spacious wardrobe provides ample storage for clothes and incorporates open shelves for books. The entry area features an organized shoe cabinet with drawers, and the TV wall is thoughtfully designed to combine a desk/dresser with a tall mirror and additional storage drawers

Bespoke Furniture: Masterkrafts
Furniture & Decor: Home Center

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