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Interior Design StyleBook

The StyleBook will guide you to select the style which is suitable for your project and taste,

as well as will help designer to define a complexity of the works.


Modern Style

Modern interior emphasize a sense of simplicity in every detail, uncluttered spaces with clean lines and natural light, leather, wood, marble, glass and silver; Interiors might be monochrome but it always have an bold accent like abstract artwork, or chandelier, or accent color on a sofa, cushions and so on, but always well balanced

In this interior balance is very important to keep simplicity and "sleek" space. 

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Less is more - this is a style which combines a small amount of furniture and decoration, has a lot of free space and light, big open windows with mesmerising view, brings a lot of light and nature inside. Minimalism is influenced by traditional Japanese design and Zen philosophy, emptiness of spatial arrangement reduces everything down to the most essential quality. However, Minimalism style has a similarities to a Modern interior, with its simplicity and clean lines,but as said, it uses only essential items. Designer's challenge when designing Minimalism interior, is to keep a practicality in mind when keeping a space free, use of more functional furniture, hidden storage and creative solutions to hide details.

Tags: #minimalism, #neutral, #luxury, #elegant, #spa, #relaxingareas


Mid-Century Modern

Mid-Century Modern style has never been so popular like now. Characterised by clean, simple lines, accents of gold, brass leather and velvet; colors of blue, green, orange, yellow and geometric patterns; plenty of wood and rustic metals are the keys of achieving Mid-Century Modern style. Why does Mid-Century Modern design continue to be popular? Mid-Century pieces are simply well-designed objects, with a timeless look. 

Tags: #midcenturymodern, #neutral, #cosy, #warm, #restaurant, #cafe, #coffeeshop, #beautysalon



Inspired by the snow, mountains, Nordic countries and Danish concept of Hygge (a mood of coziness and comfortable conviviality with feelings of wellness and contentment), Scandinavian interior style happens to be one of the most popular interior styles in recent years. The most commonly used colors are milk-white, light yellow, soft green, pink and grey, with a contrast on a textile in a bright plaids and decorative pillows. Furniture should have clean and simple lines in light toned wood and floors are covered with fluffy area rugs. Scandinavian interiors are simple, bright and clean, yet warm and relaxing.

Tags: #scandinavian, #neutral, #cosy, #hygge, #hygge,#warm, #restaurant, #cafe, #coffeeshop, #office



An urban industrial vibe with warehouse and factory elements, exposed brick walls, reclaimed raw woods and unfinished metals, rustic furniture, plants, green walls, urban-street-art art and of course Pop-art. Industrial design is increasingly used to style loft apartments, commercial spaces, and even some modern homes. 

Tags: #industrial, #loft, #muscular, #rustic, #restaurant, #cafe, #coffeeshop, #office


Urban Modern

Influenced by cosmopolitan environment, Urban Modern is a fusion of various opposing and complementary styles: Contemporary chic, Modern and Industrial design, even mid-century modern, for achieving an inspiring and timeless interiors. You’ll see concrete floors, high ceilings, exposed beams, big windows, neutral colors with bright accents and pops of colors, geometric and abstract prints, rustic decor, soft textiles, extravagant furnishings and high-end bespoke fixtures makes the Urban look more expensive and polished. 

Tags: #urbanmodern, #neutral, #restaurant, #cafe, #coffeeshop, #hotel


Contemporary Chic

Contemporary interiors are often confused with Modern Interiors, but its more approachable than Modern Design and more cleaner than Traditional style. However, Contemporary simply means style that's trendy at present time, it's inspired by traditional looks with, but focuses on simplicity and clean forms popular in present times. Contemporary chic style is more glamorous, has unique shapes and gold or silver accents, gently selected furniture, area rugs and neutral fabrics. 

Tags: #contemporary, #neutral, #cosy, #warm, #luxury, #hotel, #suite 


Transitional Glam

If Traditional style is too boring or old-fashioned and still want to have that elegant and luxury feeling in interior, Transition style is a best option. To describe it simply, its a balanced blend of traditional and contemporary elements, an ultimate mix between present and past, masculine with feminine, Transitional interior design is all about unexpected, yet carefully coordinated combinations, it emphasizes the calm and neutral color palette, when furniture and decor choices are in the centre of attention, transitional style is very focused on accents and quality finishes, Art-Deco inspired touches and high-polished glamour.

Tags: #transitional, #glamour, #luxury, #elegant, #hotel, #suite


Hollywood Glam

If you can imagine to live in "The Great Gatsby" movie and can think bold and opulent, then Art-Deco furniture and Hollywood Regency style can bring all that glamour of 30th, from the golden age of Hollywood. Hollywood Glam interiors are made up of a mix of Art-Deco and Mid-Century Modern style elements, high contrast color combinations, which can be pink and blue, but also black and white, high gloss or mirrored furniture, velvet, marble, metal, geometric and animal patterns gives off a certain high-glamour, luxurious vibe.

Tags: #hollywood, #glamour, #artdeco, #elegant, #luxury, #restaurant, #cafe, #hotel



Eclectic style borrows elements from different styles, periods and trends, it breaks the rules and when done right by keeping a balance, everything works well.  The very best eclectic interiors are a cohesive mixture of old, new, color, texture and pattern. Think of it as a high-energy collection of carefully selected pieces brought together to emphasise a culture rich interior.

Tags: #eclectic, #complex, #restaurant, #cafe, #hotel



Inspired by the gypsies of Bohemia, Bohemian style captures the carefree and adventurous spirit of the avant-garde lifestyle of travellers, actors, writers, it ​mixes different cultures and artistic expressions into an eclectic style, that feels very nomadic. It’s exotic, it’s playful and it’s very layered. Color palette embraces both earthy colors, as well as bright and calming pastels. Furniture is ethnic, Moroccan, Southwestern, or tribal-inspired. Layers of rugs and throws can be used to bring more colors and patterns. Boho is for those who want their homes full of life, culture, and interesting items for all the world to see.

Tags: #bohemian, #boho, #neutral, #cosy, #warm, #restaurant, #cafe, 


Shabby Chic

If you love soft and dreamy interior, Shabby Chic is an option for your interior. It's an eclectic style that mixes antique furniture with pastel colours, lace and feminine floral patterns. Similar to its sister, French country style, shabby chic design has a very soft and feminine feel. Furniture is often painted or distressed, with pale color palettes and romantic decor.

Tags: #shabbychic, #vintage, #feminine, #cosy, #warm, #bakery, #cafe, #icecream, #teahouse, #candy

Farmhouse & Country

The Country style takes a character of the particular culture it’s based on: English country, French country, Tuscan, and American country, so called Farmhouse; All are slightly different to each other, but in generally characterized by oversized furniture, mostly in distressed wood or dark solid wood, antique and rustic pieces, color scheme is mostly white and beige base colors, with fur and leather throw pillows to contrast against the hardwood and stone finishes. Like Scandinavian Interiors, Modern Farmhouse has a spirit of Hygge. It has a feeling of comfort, coziness and inviting space.

Tags: #farmhouse, #vintage, #country, #cosy, #warm



Mediterranean interior style is inspired by the regions north of the Mediterranean Sea, including Italy, Greece and Spain. Characterised by exposed wood, rustic textures, mosaics and statement pieces. The colors of Mediterranean interiors can be both vibrant and earthy, accents can echo sea and sky colors. The main feature of Mediterranean style interior is architectural details: arches, beams and finishes: plaster walls, stones, marble, tiles.

This style is very relaxing and chic, and it’s absolutely timeless.

Tags: #mediterranean, #cosy, #traditional, #modern, #ethnic, #warm

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