Private Heaven in Saar

Accomplished Project

Bahrain, Saar 2018

Master bathroom and walk-in closet is a huge transformation of existing space, it terms of space planning and style.

Client asked to design her own private space, where she would love to relax, it should have been modern, simple, well organised and clutter free.

The project was inspired by a nature, more specifically, this villa has the most beautiful garden, and we wanted to get a "piece" of it in the bathroom by incorporating natural plants, as a visual divider to hide WC area and natural stones underneath a wash basin.

In master bathroom every material imitates a nature: wooden tiles on the walls, grey marble counter, bright stone wall tiles are mounted without visible joints to create seamless effect and grey joint-free floor tiles.  

Walk-in closet was carefully planned, it has all the proper storage for clothes, shoes, bags and seasonal clothes, it also uses most of a space for more functionality and comfort.

Design is implemented according to Interior Design Project Album.

Accomplished Interior

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