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Italian Koo-la-chieno


Muscat, Oman


Project Type

3D Project
Remote Work

Service Type

160 SQM




Design Concept:  Culaccino - "Your own Italian caffe" - Located in the heart of Oman, at Muscat's Al Araimi Boulevard shopping center, Culaccino is the destination for authentic Italian cuisine and specialty coffee. Staying true to it's original concept of a warm, friendly, and inviting space, this design aimed to elevate every customer's experience by creating a truly unique and carefully designed atmosphere. Hexagonal shapes take center stage, elegantly reflected in both the ceiling and flooring, accentuated by geometric patterns and clean lines. While wood and greenery continue to be key elements, the introduction of golden accents enhances this interior, infusing it with elegance and sophistication.

Culaccino Caffe01.jpg
Culaccino Caffe08.jpg
Culaccino Caffe02.jpg
Culaccino Caffe03.jpg
Culaccino Caffe09.jpg
Culaccino Caffe11.jpg
Culaccino Caffe10.jpg
Culaccino Caffe13.jpg
Culaccino Caffe14.jpg
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