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Sophio Jokhadze Living room interior design bahrain

Residential Interior Design

Every interior is unique, as their owners, designers role is to help you finding what is right for you. I will help you to create a space, which reflects your personality and your needs, by bringing unique style and creative solutions to your interior, for better living space. ​

"If a design is not functional, the beauty has no purpose or meaning, everything has to be designed to work well"

Real Estate Interior Design

In today’s competitive real estate market, if your property doesn’t stand out or will not meet with client's needs, it can stay on the market for a longer period. My goal as an interior designer, is to add a value and creative aesthetics to a property, to make  it attractive and desirable enough for a successful rental or purchase

"A well designed interior attracts,

arises interest and increases desire to make a purchase."

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Commercial Interior Design

A well designed commercial space is the key to successful business. From hotels and restaurants to offices, beauty salons and shops, whatever the business purpose may be, it requires it's own particular design and styling, a sense of identity and target for maximum impact. 

"For commercial interiors, the most important element is a customer"

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