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Monochromatic Harmony

Submitted Project

Dammam, Saudi Arabia 2020


I truly believe, to achieve harmony when designing elegant and luxurious interiors, is all about reaching a right balance.

Monochromatic color scheme brings forward a quality of finishes, signature items makes more strong statements and attentions goes on a details.  


The space is divided with beautiful folding door in two areas: Guest and family areas. Above is guest living, dining area with toilet and vanity.

Goal was to not overwhelm space. With custom made hidden cabinets, wall uses all the space for storage, which gives us uncluttered and more free space. Same time wall cabinet is an interesting center piece in interior.

Guest area uses iconic mid-century modern furniture pieces, carefully selected items and hand crafted dining table.


Family area is more cozy, but same time, very much elegant! 

Fireplace wall with marble cladding and stunning art piece, not only creates an accent, it also hides a view on an elevator.

Dining area wall cladding adds a texture in interior, also hides a doors for a wardrobe and laundry room, same time adds unique charm to a family area.

Design is submitted and works on site are implementing according to Interior Design Project Album.

Service was provided on a distance.

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