Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is Sophio Jokhadze a design studio?

Currently Sophio Jokhadze is providing interior design service in The Kingdom of Bahrain as a freelance interior designer.

2. What services Sophio Jokhadze is providing?

Sophio Jokhadze offers her clients a service of excellence in the field of interior design for residential and commercial interiors. 

INTERIOR DESIGN PROJECT – is a full visualized and detailed design service for a client who has a new construction or complex reconstruction, as well for any commercial projects or distance projects.
This type of project includes designing a space in 3D software, preparing all the drawings and documentations for a client to accomplish works based on a proposed and approved interior design project.

INTERIOR STYLING AND DECORATING – is a service provided in a traditional way, with a mood board discussions. This service is for a client who want to refresh or redecorate old interiors, or clients who want to bring a sense of style and designer’s creativity in their empty new apace. This service is ideal if you are a landlord, developer or private owner of exciting property.


Interior design service is provided locally, and, on a distance, the only difference is a way of communicating with a client - in person meetings are replaced with online communication. 

Client will receive interior design or interior decorating project album, to implement design on site.

3. For what type of interiors is service provided?

Interior design service is provided for followings interiors:


- Apartment or entire villa

- New construction, under construction or renovation

- Renovating, styling or decorating rooms in exciting residential interior.


- Hospitality design: hotel, spa, saloon, restaurant or small coffee shop.

- Retail design: shops, boutiques for clothes or products.

- Furniture shop design/redesign and visual verchandising proposal

Corporate design:

- Offices and receptions for all kind of sectors 

Real Estate:

- Real Estate Designing or Decorating service is for individuals who are planning their property for a rent or a sale, as well as for realtors or real estate investors.

For commercial and corporate projects, interior design service doesn't includes branding design service. 

4. What should I expect and how should we work?

Every designer works differently with their clients. The service which Sophio Jokhadze offers, was tried and tested and improved during the time working with different clients in different countries with different traditions.

Working process is different for Interior Designing and Decorating service, for residential, commercial or corporate interiors.

Before beginning work, you will go through a detailed questionnaire and StyleBook, prepared personally for you, that helps to get more information about your interior, style and needs. For successful project, Its very important to be honest with budget and be sure of what you like. You should clearly specify requirements and provide all the information when requested.

Once we determine that we both feel comfortable with each other through our conversation and understanding of your project, online letter of agreement will be prepared and send to a client. After accepting agreement and receiving first instalment, designer will start working on a project in stages:

Stage #1 - is summarizing all the information and preparing first concept design proposal
Stage #2 - is developing design in 3D or finalising design proposal MoodBoards 
Stage #3 - is detailing and preparing all the documentations for a client to start works of site 

For every client will be prepared online page to submit, discuss and approve design. This will allow us to work more flexible and on a distance.

Client will deliver project album in PDF via e-mail, after receiving full payment

5. Do I need to find my own contractor?

Sophio Jokhadze works with the contractors hired by the client and also can provide recommendations for a contractors from previous projects. However, selected contractor team should have experience working with designer, should know how to read drawings, should provide designer with samples when needed and should fulfil works based on approved interior design project album.

6. Do I need to make purchases or orders through designer?

Interior design project already provides full list of a selected items, all you need to do is make a purchase. It's your choice if you want to make a purchase on  your own. Most clients do purchase with specifications provided by a designer, because some of shops provide designer with a discount for a client and its included in the specifications. 

7. How do you charge for your services?

Your investment in my service is based on project. Price usually depends on a type of a space, complexity of a project and on your needs. After receiving full information from a client, price proposal is generated and attached in agreement.

8. Why do you charge for additional consultations?

Time is highly valuable for Sophio Jokhadze, any additional time or work should be compensated, client should respect designer's afford and time. 

The service price in total - this is a price client pays for a project  

Additional site visits - this is a price client pays for a site consultation

10 BHD (Ten Bahraini Dinars) for frequent and longer site visits - more then 1 hour visit, more then 1 visit in a week.

Service price includes first visit on site to give instructions to a contractor or a carpenter, for more frequent visits, client needs to provide additional payment for each visit.

Additional Daily consultation - this is a price client pays for shop consultation  

20 BHD (Twenty Bahraini Dinars) for up to 4 hours in shopping and selecting items with client.

To book this service, client should inform designer earlier.

Additional Options - this is a price client pays for additional work 

15 BHD (Fifteen Bahrain Dinars) for each additional updated 3D render, with less complex changes

25 BHD (Twenty Five Bahrain Dinars) for each additional updated 3D render, with more complex changes

If client requires more changes or want to see more options, for each updated 3D render view, client should provide additional payment.

Interior design service aims to be as informative and helpful as possible. Every client is different, the success of a project depends on understanding each other

9. When and how can project be terminated?

Again, success of a project depends how well we will understand each other. Agreement shows a terms of termination of a project. Sophio Jokhadze as well has a right to terminate a project in order to save a time, reputation and to save client's money.

10. How long does it take for you to finish working on a project?

Each project’s specification and scale are unique just as every client. While I have a general idea of a timing and you will be informed about a deadlines on every step of a project, much of that depends on you, by approving design solutions or product choices quickly, we can get project finish faster. 

You are only viewing presentation on a meetings and online, you will not own a project album and full documentation, until full payment has been received.


The works on site will only start after receiving full documentations and instructions from a designer.

11. What can I do to get the most out of this experience?

After receiving full documentation, designer will meet with your contractor team to explain the details in person. Works on site should be done according to approved design. Any discrepancies should be discussed and approved with designer, before commencing works.


Requirements from a Contractor/Carpenter:

- Interior designer is designing and decorating a space by proposing solutions and contractor is implementing it, with proper understanding and skills, things can happen faster.

- All the dimensions must be checked before doing any works, any discrepancies should be discussed and approved with a Designer/Client, before commencing the work.

- Before doing any works, samples of materials needs to be provided by a Contractor/Carpenter, as per design, for approval from a Designer/Client
- Contractor/Carpenter should always have a printed album while working on a project

Requirements from a Client:

- We rely on email and phone communication to keep the project rolling.

In addition to communication, flexibility, openness and trust is necessary for a successful design relationship. 

- Please provide project coordinator, who will have a communication with a site and with a designer, to send photo reports and update designer with on going works.

- Please, always keep printed project on site for a contractor team and carpenters and make sure they follow design. 

11. Why should I hire Sophio Jokadze?

Sophio Jokhadze holds Masters in Interior Design and has nearly 8 years of experience in design industry. She started her career as an interior and furniture designer in Tbilisi, Georgia. After gaining a vast amount of experience, she opened an Architectural and Interior Design studio with friends, where many projects were implemented.

Before moving in Bahrain Sophio Jokhadze had experienced working as a lecturer at Georgian Technical University, has organised student workshops and contests.

From 2016 Sophio Jokhadze is providing interior design service in The Kingdom of Bahrain as a freelance interior designer. Sophio Jokhadze has international experience working with a clients and has accomplished several projects on a distance:

US, Saudi Arabia, Oman and of course still has a projects in Georgia.

To check my works please check PORTFOLIO

12. When not to hire interior designer.

Hiring interior designer to help designing interior is a big deal for some people, who cant find easy to let unknown person work on their personal space and let designer lead a work.

- If you want to hire interior designer just to check a shops for you to buy things at discounted prices.

- If you want designer to manage your own design vision.

- If you aren’t open to new ideas the relationship will never work and your interior will reflect that.

- If you think you can do it yourself don't waste your time exploring working with a designer.

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