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Sophio Jokhadze Inteior Designer სოფიო ჯოხაძე ინტერიერის დიზაინერი

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does Sophio Jokhadze operate as a Design Studio?

Currently, Sophio Jokhadze operates as a freelance interior designer, providing services in The Kingdom of Bahrain and catering to clients remotely in Middle East countries and Georgia.

2. What services Sophio Jokhadze is providing? 

Sophio Jokhadze offers her clients a service of excellence in the field of interior design for residential and commercial interiors.

Sophio Jokhadze Living room interior design bahrain

3D Interior Design Project

Visualizing interior in 3D software, is a best option to showcase the best of design and creative thinking.
Whether you're looking to transform your home or enhance a commercial space, 3D interior design project can help you achieve your design goals.

Decorating & Styling

Experience interior design reimagined through digital mood boards. From sourcing the finest materials to selecting the perfect furnishings, working process is designed to align seamlessly with your needs.

Sophio Jokhadze bedroom interior design bahrain
Sophio Jokhadze Living room interior design bahrain

Virtual Design

Regardless of your location, interior design services are tailored to your requirements and needs. 

Through virtual consultations, digital mood boards, 3D renders and collaborative online tools, the world of design is brought to your fingertips

3. Which types of interiors does the service cover?


- Apartment or entire villa

- New construction, under construction or renovation.


- Hospitality design: hotel, spa, saloon, restaurant or small coffeeshop.

- Retail design: shops, boutiques 

- Furniture shop design and visual merchandising. 

Corporate design:

- Offices and receptions for all kind of sectors 

Real Estate:

- Real Estate Designing or Decorating service is for individuals who are planning their property for a rent or a sale, as well as for realtors or real estate investors.

For commercial and corporate projects, interior design service doesn't includes branding design service. 

4. What should I expect and what is the working process like?

Each designer has a unique approach when working with clients. Sophio Jokhadze's services have been refined through experience with diverse clients across different countries and backgrounds.

Before commencing work, you will undergo a comprehensive questionnaire and a personalized StyleBook to gather insights into your interior, style, and needs. Transparency about your budget and preferences is crucial for a successful project. Clear communication, specifying requirements, and providing requested information are essential.

Once we determine that we both feel comfortable with each other through our conversation and understanding of your project, online letter of agreement will be prepared and send to a client. After accepting agreement and receiving first instalment, designer will start working on a project in stages:

Stage #1: Summarizing information and presenting the initial concept design proposal.

Stage #2: Developing the design in 3D or finalizing the design proposal with MoodBoards.

Stage #3: Detailing and preparing all necessary documentation for the client to begin work on-site.

For each client, an online page is set up for submitting, discussing, and approving designs, allowing for flexible and remote collaboration.

The client will receive the project album in PDF via email after complete payment.

5. Do I need to find my own contractor? Who is doing supervision? 

Sophio Jokhadze not only collaborates with client-selected contractors but also has her own dedicated contractor team available for collaboration. Additionally, recommendations for contractors from past projects are provided. The chosen contractor team is required to have experience working with designers, the ability to interpret drawings, promptly supply samples, and appoint a project manager for the efficient execution of the approved interior design project album.

6. Do I need to personally handle the purchases and orders myself?

The interior design project provides a detailed list of selected items, and the decision to make the purchases is entirely yours. While many clients choose to follow the provided specifications for their purchases, you also have the flexibility to book Additional Daily Consultation with the designer for personalized assistance during your shopping. For remote projects, when applicable, clients handle the purchases themselves while maintaining open communication with the designer.

7. How do you charge for your services?

Your investment in my service is for project only and the pricing typically varies based on the type of space, project complexity, and your specific requirements. Upon receiving comprehensive information from you, a detailed price proposal is generated and attached within the agreement for your consideration.

The service price in total - this is a price client pays for interior design project only. 

Additional site visits - this is a price client pays for a site consultation.

- Designer is not providing site supervision service; It’s contractors responsibility to accomplish works as per design. Extra charges apply for visits due to execution challenges or frequent progress checks.

- Designer might require follow up photos and visit site to check a progress.

Additional Daily consultation - this is a price client pays for daily consultation in shops.

Interior Design Service itself includes a full list of selection which need to be purchased. In case if client requires from a designer additional consultation in shops for selecting and purchasing items, client is requested to pay additional charges.

To book this service, client should inform designer earlier.

Additional Options - this is a price client pays for additional work 

## for each additional updated 3D render, with less complex changes

### for each additional updated 3D render, with more complex changes

If client requires more changes or want to see more options, for each updated 3D render view, client should provide additional payment.

8. When and how project can be terminated?

Effective communication and mutual understanding are vital for the project's success. The agreement clearly outlines the terms for project termination. It's important to note that the designer also reserves the right to terminate a project if it becomes necessary to preserve both time and reputation.

9. What is the timeframe for completing a project?

Each project is unique, just like every client, with varying specifications and scale. While there is a general timeframe, you will receive detailed information about deadlines at every stage of the project. Your active participation, especially in promptly approving design solutions or product choices, plays a crucial role in expediting the project's completion.

Please note that, You can view the presentation during meetings and online, you will not own a project album and full documentation, until full payment has been received.  The works on site will only start after receiving full documentations and instructions from a designer.

10. Why should I hire Sophio Jokhadze?

Sophio Jokhadze holds a Master's in Interior Design and has nearly a 10 years of experience in the design industry. She started her career as an interior and furniture designer in Tbilisi, Georgia. After accumulating valuable experience, she co-founded an Architectural and Interior Design studio, successfully implementing numerous projects. 

Since 2016, Sophio Jokhadze has been providing freelance interior design services in The Kingdom of Bahrain. With international experience, she has managed projects remotely, reaching clients in Saudi Arabia, Oman, and maintaining ongoing projects in Georgia.

Visit PORTFOLIO to explore projects.

Recommendations for a successful collaboration

After receiving full documentation, the designer will meet with your contractor team for a detailed explanation. For remote projects, the contractor should follow the project album. On-site work must align with the approved design, and any discrepancies should be discussed and approved with the designer before starting.

Guidelines for a Successful Collaboration:

  1. Be transparent about your budget and needs.

  2. Clearly specify requirements and provide information promptly.

  3. Speed up the project by promptly approving design solutions.

  4. Keep a printed project on-site for easy reference.

  5. The project's pace depends on a responsible team, with the designer proposing solutions and the contractor implementing them efficiently.

  6. A project coordinator, provided by the contractor, is responsible for understanding and executing the approved design.

  7. The designer occasionally checks the site, and contractors should follow the design project album; any issues can be discussed freely.

  8. Ownership of the project album is granted upon full payment.

  9. While you own your space, the designer retains authorship for potential publication and marketing use.

  10. Successful projects may participate in design award contests, with awards belonging to the designer.

  11. After completion, a photo shoot will be arranged, and if the project is remote, the client provides photos for the designer.

Contractor/Carpenter Responsibilities:

  1. Follow the detailed project album provided by the interior designer.

  2. Assign a manager for on-site supervision to ensure work aligns with the design.

  3. Double-check all dimensions and get approval for any discrepancies from the Designer/Client before starting.

  4. Submit material samples for approval before commencing any work.

  5. Keep a printed project album on-site throughout the project.

When not to hire interior designer

Hiring an interior designer to work on your personal space is a significant decision, and it's understandable that some may find it challenging to entrust their vision to someone and let designer lead a work.

- If you want to hire interior designer just to check a shops for you to buy things at discounted prices.

- If you want designer to manage your own design vision only.

- If you aren’t open to new ideas the relationship will never work and your interior will reflect that.

- If you think you can do it yourself don't waste your time exploring working with a designer.

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