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LUNA Writing/Dressing Table

For PORADA furniture design contest

Dressing/Writing table with frame in solid Canaletta Walnut, with Sahara Noir marble top and central drawer. Available with or without mirror (Brushed Brass).


“What defines luxury is its uniqueness, emotion and desire”

Donatella Versace.


My definition of luxury interiors combines in itself simplicity, unique design, superior quality and eye on a details. Porada is defined with its passion for a wood, high level of craftsmanship and details, which creates identity of a brand. I believe, my concept of a dressing table contains these key aspects and conveys the value and the identity of the brand.


Luna is an Italian and Spanish given name of a moon and in ancient Roman religion and myth, Luna is Goddess of the moon, patron of the feminine, she symbolizes maturity, fertility and abundance.

Luna dressing as well as writing table, is for powerful and successful women, with a taste of elegance and luxury. Strict, clear lines create simple, yet interesting shape, with geometrical forms it adds a bit of personality, that I believe, has a deep effect on subconscious. It has a bit of spirit of mid-century design, which I feel is also noticeable in Porada’s furniture.

The wooden silhouette defines its entire structure and beauty, and it is sufficiently stable for a heavy natural marble top. Marble adds a texture, color and personality. The legs are not completely straight, and angular forms dominate the structure, crowned with a circular mirror, that expresses name and a concept behind LUNA Table.

Luna table can be easily used in contemporary residential or commercial interiors or a part of something classy and eclectic. As a piece of furniture, it will add value, uniqueness and something special to luxury interiors.

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