The Exquisite, Modern Villa in Saudi Arabia

Submitted Project

Dammam, Saudi Arabia 2020

This exquisite, modern villa is located in Dammam, Saudi Arabia, house itself is under construction.

Our goal was to create interior design project to have space planned accordingly to a needs and requirements of a modern family.

High quality materials, bespoke furniture and creative, design solutions, made this project exclusive and very much, special! 

Living room has an open space, which continues with a dining area and kitchen. Wall cladding visually divides living, from a dining without compromising space.

Entry has a wooden partition, which same time is a fully functional wardrobe for a clothes and shoes, from a living room it's a TV wall, with an open shelves and elegant marble detail.

Kitchen blends well with an open space, with a same wooden finish and black details, It continues a spirit which comes from a living/dining area. The statement pendant light is a bold accent, which adds a character and makes kitchen look more modern and same time, its elegant!

With a golden frame and textured glass door, kitchen is attached to a small kitchen, which mostly is used for a heavy meals. In Middle East sometimes this room is refereed to be called as "Dirty Kitchen". We wanted "Dirty Kitchen" to be a part of a house, and it is designed to be elegant, but practical and functional.

Like in every residential interior, storage is very important. We are utilizing space with built-in wardrobes, to make space more clutter free.

Guest room, so called "Majlis" or "Diwaniya", is a room where family is hosting guests, without interfering to a family area. It has its own vanity and toilet.

Guest room interior is formal and elegant, but yet modern, by using clean shapes and monochrome color tones.

Kids room is considered as a temporary room, which in future will be transform into a cabinet room.

For a kids this room will serve as a play room...

Cabinet room has an accent wall, which serves as a full storage and open shelves. 

Interior is modern, yet elegant and formal

Design is submitted and works on site will be done according to Interior Design Project Album.

Service was provided on a distance.