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Sophio Jokhadze Inteior Designer სოფიო ჯოხაძე ინტერიერის დიზაინერი

New Client Interior Design Inquiry

Please provide all the requested information at in order to receive a price proposal for your inquiry... 

1. Describe your property

Please give brief information about your property and provide photos, as well as, measurements:

- Where is it located? Is it new construction or old?

- What type of property is it? Residential or commercial / Modern or Traditional

- Do you have floor plans or architectural drawings of the house?

2. Your requirements and needs 

If you have any specific requirements from a designer please mention in email

- Specific style. You can have a look at designer's StyleBook to get inspired

- Specific items or solutions you want to be considered 

3. Please attach following information

- Photos, renders everything that is visually related to your property

- Measurements or drawings
- Please attach pictures that you feel reflects your style and describe what you like.

Please mention your full name, contact number and location in email, will get in touch with you soon... 

The purpose of this questionnaire is to gain a better understanding of your design goals, your expectations and needs.
Try to be as specific as possible: the more detailed information you provide, the easier it will be for us to get started.

I look forward to working with
Thank you!

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