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Treble clock is a flexible, wall and table clock, with easy removable cover for color change. So, it gives more options, whether you want to hang it or keep it on a surface, or if you are bored with a same color you can change a cover.  This clock goes well with cozy interiors like, modern Scandinavian interiors or mid-century interiors or any other interiors, when combination is natural elements, materials and clear forms. This simple clock can be suitable for kitchen, dining, living or in office.

Treble Wall and Table Clock

Treble is not a boring minimalism clock design ...

What inspired me when designing Treble Clock was "Less is more", and not BORE. I wanted to give more value and interest to a minimalism design of a clock by using sustainable materials like OSB (cork) and give more function to a clock (use it as a table clock or hang it on a wall or change colors, by changing covers)

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